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Small Parcel Delivery Explained

26th July 2021, 11:11am in Shipping Advice by Amy Newham

Sending a small parcel can sometimes appear to be trickier than it seems. What counts as a small parcel? How do I package it correctly? Who is the best courier for me? Luckily, at Interparcel, we know a thing or two about parcel delivery and have a wide range of partner couriers who would love to help send your parcel for you.

While most items are acceptable to send with us, some are banned from shipping. If you are unsure if your item is suitable to be sent- check out our Restricted and Prohibited list. You can filter the list by courier and destination country.

For very small, non-valuable, letterbox-sized items, we recommend the Evri Postable service. Suppose your parcel's dimensions are under 35cm x 23cm x 2.5cm. In that case, this is an excellent service to use as the parcel is delivered directly through the recipient's letterbox, meaning a successful delivery every time. With prices starting from £2.05 per parcel, it is a cheaper and reliable postal option for items under 1kg.

However, there is, of course, a place for small parcels that need shipping! Whether you need to send your small package Same Day, Next Day or Economy, we have many available couriers.

Domestic Shipping

Evri don't just carry very small items; they offer a wide range of services catering to all parcel sizes.

If you need to send a small parcel urgently, Evri offer Evri ParcelShop Next Day delivery. This service allows you to drop off your parcel at one of many local convenience stores in your area, and your parcel will be delivered to your chosen recipient the following day. It is an excellent service to use because it offers the flexibility of dropping off a package when convenient for you and without the lengthy queue of a Post Office!

Small parcel delivery

DPD Local Next Day offers next day delivery across most of the UK and will collect your parcel from your home or business address. DPD are industry leaders in pursuing carbon-neutral parcel delivery and are committed to ensuring that every package delivered by DPD is carbon neutral at no extra cost. DPD Local Next Day also includes £25 transit cover at no additional charge.

If you have an urgent small parcel to deliver on the same day, CitySprint Motorcycle offers a Same Day delivery service whereby you are charged by the mile. The Citysprint Motorcycle service is suitable for documents and small packages up to 12kg. This service is excellent for businesses or individuals who need to send original documents for same-day signing and return.

International Shipping

If your small parcel is destined for a location overseas, we also offer reliable and affordable international postal services. Delivery to Europe can be as quick as the next working day after collection, and worldwide deliveries can be as little as two working days!

International small parcel delivery

FedEx International Priority offers fast and reliable worldwide express delivery and will collect your parcel from your home or business address. It also comes with a £50 Transit Cover at no extra cost. That means a shipment to the USA could be in a new time zone by the very next day!

Landmark Global World Drop Off is an economical option if your parcel does not require urgent delivery. You can drop off your small package at your local store and let Landmark Global take care of the rest! With over 3.9 billion parcels successfully delivered each year, you can be sure your parcel will be in safe hands as it reaches new horizons.

UPS Express offer a range of Drop Off and Express Deliveries with an added extra of timed delivery. If you don't want the receiver to wait in all day for their parcel, you can choose a timed window for the parcel to be delivered for added convenience.

Packaging your small parcel

The first step for any parcel, especially small parcels, is to make sure it is safely packaged. It is crucial to select an appropriately sized cardboard box for the item you are sending. Even if the parcel you are sending is small, the box must be big enough for you to write the address clearly and attach any relevant delivery labels.

If you are sending small items, it can be challenging to find a box that fits the item nicely so, if you need to use a larger box, it is essential to pad the box inside so your item cannot move around in transit. It would help if you padded the box inside with materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts to add an extra layer of protection. For fragile items, double-down on the packaging.

Packaging small parcels

All couriers use automated sorting technology, and the goods will travel on conveyor belts in the depots. We recommend you internally package your item securely so it can withstand a short tumble!

Of course, when sealing the box, ensure you use strong packing tape to fasten the lid and sides tightly, but don't be tempted to cover the whole box with tape as this can cause issues later down the line if your parcel needs to be opened by Customs!

Once you have packaged your items perfectly, it is time to accurately measure and weigh your parcel to avoid unexpected surcharges! Do this by measuring the Length, Width and Height of your parcel using a tape measure in cm and the weight, in kg, by placing the parcel on some kitchen scales or bathroom scales. The important thing is that the parcel's measurement is correctly recorded.

If sending small parcels isn't your thing, we also offer a comprehensive range of couriers who are experts in sending larger, bulkier items. If you need to ship a large parcel, Evri Light and Large, Parcelforce Large, and Tuffnells come into their own as they love to handle all big and bulky items that require more suitable vehicles for collection.

As you can see, Interparcel are here to help with all of your small parcel needs by offering a wide range of courier services at affordable prices. If you're interested in sending a small package with Interparcel and need a question or two answered, give our parcel experts a call, email or live chat message between 8 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday, or 9 am - 1 pm on weekends.

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