Using contact-free delivery

Contactless Delivery: a safer way to send in 2021

1st August 2021, 9:09am in Services by Amy Newham

Since the beginning of 2020, contactless delivery has become a global necessity. No longer a convenience, this way of delivering safely has become standard procedure in 2021 for many industries, from supermarkets to online sellers.

Contactless parcel delivery is key to limiting person-to-person contact to keep couriers and customers safe. For businesses, selling online has been a lifeline, and contact-free delivery has been a vital part of this.

However, if you're a business or an individual seller that is interested in using contactless delivery, it's a good idea to understand what procedures make it different to previous delivery methods and what recipients should expect.

Here we'll take you through how contact-free parcel delivery works and what you need to know when using it.

What is contactless delivery?

Contactless delivery refers to delivering a package to its destination whilst maintaining little or no contact with the recipient at the end. Contact-free delivery has become a staple of eCommerce shipping, as businesses work to deliver goods safely.

Contactless delivery is everywhere these days. Although it has been around much longer than COVID-19, recent times have accelerated the trend. If you've used Deliveroo or Uber Eats, and let's be honest- I think we all have this past year, then you've experienced contactless delivery!

As technology develops, other industries are now developing ways to deliver vital resources to people in need globally. UPS, one of our excellent courier partners, started delivering prescription medication to a retirement community via drones in Florida - ingenuity at its finest!

How does contactless delivery work?

Using contact-free delivery

The basis of contactless delivery is that the driver will attempt the delivery as usual by knocking or ringing on your door and place the parcel on the doorstep before taking a step back. When the receiver opens the door, the driver will usually ask you to confirm your name. The driver will sign for the delivery on your behalf.

Depending on the courier you choose, you may also receive a photo of where the package was left. So you know where to collect your parcel and have proof of delivery.

How does contactless collection work?

Contactless collection works in a similar way to the delivery process. Once you have agreed on a collection time, the driver will knock or ring on your door, and you will be required to place the parcel on the doorstep and take a step back for the driver to collect it.

How to use contact-free delivery

If you're an eCommerce seller, or just an individual looking to send one parcel, you can access a range of contact-free delivery options at Interparcel to help keep you and your recipient safe.

Choose a contact-free service

Evri Postable is the ultimate contactless service as parcels are posted through the letterbox, so you don't even need to be at home! Designed for smaller, non-valuable parcels, Hermes Postable is an affordable service that eliminates the need for face-to-face contact as packages are delivered through the letterbox.

Evri lockers and collection services from Parcelforce, and DPD Local allow customers to send packages without going to the post office or a drop off centre.

Hermes lockers are situated in secure and accessible public spaces and allow you to drop off your parcel to send and collect deliveries without face-to-face contact. These lockers have inbuilt automated security systems that will enable you to access them any time of the day or night, seven days a week.

These lockers have been immensely popular in the last year because senders and customers alike can avoid visiting busier places - find your nearest Hermes locker and send contact-free today.

Where other drop-off services would require you to visit a shop and hand the parcel over, Hermes lockers are also a quick and easy way to return parcels at a time that suits you. Book online, choose a locker location, scan the barcode on the shipping label, and automatically open a door. Once you have put your parcel in and closed the door, you are done!

Track your delivery

Online shopping is set to be the most popular means of consumer purchases this year. Therefore, it is essential to let your customers know when their orders have been dispatched and are due to arrive. At Interparcel, every parcel booked through us can be tracked right through from booking to delivery.

For businesses, we even have a branded tracking portal that allows you to add your logo and corporate colours to provide a seamless experience for clients. From the initial sale right through to delivery, your customers can monitor their delivery, staying in the loop while your brand stays in the spotlight.

Get shipping notifications

We also have a shipping notification option that you can select when booking a delivery with us. When using contactless delivery options, knowing exactly where your parcel is and at what stage of the journey it's at is important to avoid delays or lost parcels.

Using our email notifications will keep you or your recipient in the loop. For those sending precious cargo, long-distance packages or even just a card to a loved one a county over, you can be notified exactly where it is while it's on its way. Particularly for UK senders delivering to the EU, knowing when packages have cleared customs checks can be very useful.

Just select how many notifications you want to receive and you'll be notified as to where it is along the way for free! But make sure you add the correct email first time, as you won't be able to change or amend this later.

Staying safe with Interparcel

Interparcel's contact-free delivery

Our couriers have been working throughout the pandemic to keep people together. Our delivery partners are prepped to handle high volumes of domestic and international deliveries and maintain customer safety as an utmost priority.

Drivers are maintaining social distancing through contactless deliveries, regularly sanitising, wearing face masks and daily temperature checks.

We want businesses and individual senders to stay safe now, and in future and by using contact-free delivery services, you protect everyone involved.

If you have any questions about sending a parcel with us, please contact our parcel experts between 8 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday, or 9 am - 1 pm on weekends. Get a quote for your parcel today!

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