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6 Advantages of Pallet Delivery

22nd May 2021, 4:04pm in Services by Eva Malpass

Pallet shipping has been a vital part of the delivery network in the last decade. As an industry, it increased to £2.5 billion in 2017 and is projected to continue with significant growth in the years to come. How is it that pallets are such an indispensable element for many industries, and how can they make shipping easier for your business?

Using a pallet shipping service can have many advantages, and in this blog we will take you through the logistical benefits that they can provide. At Interparcel, we even have a quote section dedicated to pallet sending, so that our customers can find the best cheap pallet delivery service for their goods

1. Easy to move and handle

Transporting pallets

A match made in heaven, the forklift and the pallet are well-known friends and together the two make moving stock and shipments far easier. Most pallets are designed specifically to make movement simpler and to protect the stock inside.

By choosing to ship large and fragile items by pallet, you are ensuring that any movement made to transport your goods will be safe and minimises the risk of damage. All warehouses are equipped to handle pallets, so no matter where your shipment is headed, it can be moved with ease!

2. Increased storage possibilities

Those of you that have never stepped inside a warehouse won't have seen the wonders of their high shelves lined with pallets. Innovations in storage, alongside forklift operators, have meant that warehouses can store many pallet shipments on high shelves, by just slotting them in one by one.

Without pallets, this would be an extremely difficult task and would leave warehouse floors full with standalone boxes that cannot be stacked on top of one another. This would also mean warehouse staff would be under increased pressure to move goods by hand, putting them at risk of workplace hazards.

Make sure when you ship a pallet and book a service through us that you know the pallet size you are using. During the booking process you can select the quantity of Mini Quarter, Quarter, Half, Light, Full and then compare the best service for your requirements.

3. Specialised courier services

Palletforce services

At Interparcel, we specialise in all kinds of shipping, and that includes pallets. Our courier partners are what makes our service great, and as always we have been able to secure the best prices for premium services that our customers love.

Partnering with Palletforce and Palletways, our customers have access to award-winning cheap pallet delivery that can even collect your shipments right from your home address. Door-to-door pallet delivery is a great service that can take the hassle out of sending.

Between these two pallet delivery companies, you can access Next Day, Economy and Premium pallet shipping solutions, giving you a range of options to choose from. We know that variety is key when it comes to delivery, and pallets are no different. No matter the size we want our customers to have access to speedy services to ship a pallet that are reliable, efficient and affordable!

4.Better inventory management

Inventory management is essential for any business with stock, and pallets easily separate goods into units that make it much easier to count and stocktake.

If you send goods regularly, knowing how much stock is going where is important so that you don't miscount or send more than is needed. Plus when you send a pallet with us, you can have access to full tracking services and be updated via email on the status of your shipment.

By opting into as many (or as few) notifications as you like, you can stay in the loop when you send a pallet delivery to anywhere in the UK.

5. Advantages for goods

Pallet air circulation

If you're sending goods than need some breathing room or benefit from regular air circulation, the gaps at the bottom of the pallet are vital to accommodate this. Sometimes, when standalone boxes are shipped and held up at different depots, they can suffer from a lack of air flow.

Pallet shipping services can be a great way to give goods the air circulation that they may need, and it helps to keep perishable items fresh. Make sure to check our Prohibited and Restricted item list before you send, to you ensure the goods you intend on sending have the green light!

6. Reusable and recyclable

The use of recyclable and reusable materials at as many points as possible in the supply chain are an important factor to consider for many businesses. Pallets are known to be highly reusable and in fact, in 2011, 474 million pallets were reclaimed for use, with over 326 million resold and 148 million recycled!

When sending goods on pallets, it's great to encourage your recipients to reuse or recycle the materials so that they don't end up in landfills. They don't even have to be used again for sending, why not make a DIY garden bench to sit on instead!

With a little imagination and environmental ingenuity, pallets can be reclaimed and reused in many ways.

Pallet sending can be great for large and heavy shipments, making the process of moving goods easier for everyone involved. We at Interparcel always believe shipping should be simple.

Book today and benefit from cheap pallet delivery with the globe's best brands.

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