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Interparcel have joined LinkedIn!

25th May 2021, 2:02pm in News by Amy Newham

In April 2021, Interparcel UK published our first ever post on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with over millions of members in countries and territories worldwide. It helps businesses and professionals connect and make them more productive and successful throughout their business journey.

Our account is the official LinkedIn of Interparcel UK. We regularly post exciting content, news, discounts, and competitions to keep our customers up-to-date and offer some of the best delivery deals around. We select relevant business-centric content to help connect and share with other businesses.

Interparcel LinkedIn

We recently published our first Customer Spotlight on our client. The liquorice confectionary company use Interparcel for all their shipping needs which has saved them around 20 hours a week. We also share helpful advice on eCommerce business and delivery queries, such as how you can automate your eCommerce business and how to uncover the hidden costs of shipping.

For businesses, we created Shipping Manager to help companies streamline and automate their parcel shipping. By integrating your online store with our Shipping Manager small businesses can benefit from a range of additional features:

  • Free account set up
  • Parcel Presets to shortcut package detail input
  • Access to a range of eCommerce integrations through our Shipping Manager
  • Full use of our 'Send Again' and 'Return Parcel' actions to streamline sending
  • Unlimited no-cost label printing options

Find out more about our Shipping Manager

Our aim is to offer the widest range of domestic and international delivery solutions and to create innovate methods for customers to simplify their shipping process.

To keep up to date with our LinkedIn journey, please give us a follow!

There will also be exclusive LinkedIn competitions running later on in the year so keep your eyes peeled for our latest updates!

At Interparcel, we offer a wide range of courier services and some of the best prices around. We can deliver your parcels to over 200 countries around the world and help you with any queries you may have. Get a quote today!

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