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DeliveryApp XLWB Out Of Hours

UK Same Day Delivery

Domestic delivery service
Domestic Delivery
Your parcel will be collected from your door
Collection Service
Delivery in 1 day
Delivery in 1 day
A signature is included with this service
Signature Included
Maximum parcel weight is 1100.0kg
Parcels up to 1100.0kg
Maximum parcel length is 420.0cm
Maximum length 420.0cm
Secure online  booking
Secure Booking
Tracked  delivery
Tracked Delivery

About DeliveryApp XLWB Out Of Hours

The DeliveryApp XLWB (extra-long wheel base) van out of hours service offers you a dedicated vehicle to take your items from A to B ouside normal office hours. This service operates from 8pm - 6am and also includes weekends.

This service can carry up to 4 pallets or items up to a maximum weight of 1100kg.

The maximum dimensions are 420cm x 120cm x 175cm.