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Who are Palletforce?

Palletforce is the leading UK specialist in worldwide palletised distribution and has won numerous awards for their excellence, including the 2018 MotorTransport Award for Best Use of Technology, the 2018 Talent in Logistics Award for Heath and Safety Leader of the Year, and the 2015 Grocer Gold Award for Logistics Supplier of the year.

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Created 18 years ago, the Palletforce Network has gone from strength to strength and now extends across the UK, Europe, and Asia. Their 400,000sqft Hub in Staffordshire allows them to effectively redirect pallet shipments of any size onto their 100 depots and beyond. With a staff of 450 in the Palletforce Group and another 4,500 in the Network, they’re more than equipped to get your shipment where it needs to go as soon as you need to be there.

When should I choose Palletforce?

If you are sending a consignment that is too large/bulky or heavy for a standard courier service then Palletforce is a great solution for you. They can carry goods up to a weight of 1,000kg throughout the UK and much of Europe.

Will Palletforce Collect My Parcel?

Yes, Palletforce will collect your pallet from any address in the UK. Simply enter your desired collection address at the time of booking. Please ensure that there is sufficient access for a large vehicle at the address.

Can I Drop My Pallet off to Palletforce?

No. Palletforce do not currently offer a drop off service.

Can I Track My Palletforce Delivery?

Yes, all services booked through Interparcel include full online tracking from collection right through to delivery.

You will be given a unique tracking number at the time of booking that you can share with the receiver if you want them to monitor their parcels journey. A proof of delivery is also available once the parcel has been delivered.

How Much Can I Cover My Pallet For?

We include £25 of cover with every Palletforce booking. You can purchase additional coverage to a maximum of £2,000.

Some items are deemed as Restricted or Prohibited on our services so please make sure you read our Prohibited list to ensure that you will be covered.

How Do I Send a Pallet With Palletforce?

To send a pallet through Interparcel it's really very simple:

  1. First package your goods carefully. We recommend using good quality cardboard and internal packing materials (like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or newspaper) to protect the contents before securing the goods to your pallet with strong wrap. Ensure your goods are contained on the pallet and nothing is overhanging or loose.
  2. Use our easy booking page to get a quote and choose your Pallet size. We have a variety of size options available for pallets so just select the one that your pallet fits within. You can then select which service is best for your needs.
  3. Once you book you’ll receive an address label which you should print out and stick on your pallet. If you don't have access to a printer you can simply handwrite the address clearly on the box as the driver will bring labels.
  4. Wait for your collection time and give the pallet to the driver.

How Do I Book a Palletforce Online Delivery?

To book a pallet delivery through Interparcel in minutes:

  1. Go to our Get A Quote page and select the 'Pallet' option
  2. Weigh and measure your pallet as accurately as possible
  3. Select which size pallet you are using
  4. Next, you’ll see the service options available to you. Choose the one that best suits your needs and budget
  5. Click “Book” on your chosen service
  6. Fill out the contact information, confirm the collection and delivery addresses, define your collection date and time if necessary, and describe your pallet contents
  7. Pay to complete your booking

Palletforce Courier Services

The range of Palletforce delivery services we offer are some of the most comprehensive.
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