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Christmas parcel delivery - Interparcel have it sorted!

4th December 2019, 4:04pm in Shipping Advice by Jo Lomax

Santa isn't the only one who offers fast and reliable parcel delivery this Christmas! If you have family that have emigrated to Australia, loved ones living in Europe or even a cousin in Kent that you won't see over the festive period; Interparcel can help you get those wonderfully personal gifts to them safely.

It's becoming more common to send a virtual giftcard by email – but where's the personal touch or joy in that? I'm sure we can all agree that it's infinitely more enjoyable to open a brightly wrapped present than to simply click on an email. The great news is that it's easier and cheaper than you think to deliver the personal touch to your loved ones.

Christmas presents being shared

Plan ahead

At this time of year you want to be sure your parcel will arrive by the 24th December so it can be nestled under the tree in time for Christmas day.

First things first; check our latest recommended Christmas posting dates to make sure you are prepared, some of our worldwide services will accept presents right up to the 19th December, Europe gives you an extra day by accepting Christmas post up to the 20th of December whilst in the UK you can even send a last minute Christmas parcel on Christmas Eve with our sameday delivery service!

Then you should check your parcel is ok to send. Some countries have restrictions on the kind of gifts we, in the UK, send all the time – I'm looking at you perfume! Don't worry though, we have it all under control, you can easily see what items are prohibited to each country and avoid any issues.

Last Christmas posting dates

Choose your Christmas Delivery service

Next you need to choose a courier service, Interparcel work with lots of suppliers so you will have plenty of choice. If you're struggling to pick then why not read our blog post on choosing a courier service?

I recommend looking at our Express services for those super important Christmas presents – did you know you can send a Christmas parcel to the USA as fast as the next working day? It's only two working days for some of Australia and most of Europe is only a day away! It's a very busy time of year though so delays can happen, if you get ahead of the curve and send your gifts a few days early then that's all the more time to sip a mulled wine by a roaring log fire and not worry about any Christmas snow disruption.

Courier delivery services

Perfect packaging

No matter how careful our couriers are, sometimes a trickily placed pot hole can make your box take a little tumble in the van. Make sure you use a good quality, double walled cardboard box to protect your precious gifts and stuff some internal packaging in there to add a cushion.

It's definitely worth sourcing the perfect box for your parcel, don't use something that's too big as not only will your item will be rolling around inside but you'll also pay more than you need to for the shipping charge! If the box is too small then there will be no room for internal packaging which may mess up that beautiful Christmas wrapping you worked so hard on.

A christmas present in a shipping box

Book online

Gone are the days where you had to queue up for hours at the Post Office with your parcel and then wait to see how much it was going to cost. Thankfully times have changed and there are no hidden charges at Interparcel.

You can easily use our Parcel comparison tool to check the very best courier services and the cheapest prices. You can complete the whole booking in minutes from the comfort of your home and arrange to drop your parcel off the next time you hit the high street or we can send a driver to collect the parcel from your doorstep – now where did I put that mulled wine…

A woman ordering deliveries on a laptop at Christmas

Online Parcel Tracking

We want you to relax this festive period knowing your parcel is in safe hands, that's why we issue every customer with an online tracking number and enable you to monitor your parcels progress right through to delivery. Anytime, anywhere; our website is mobile and tablet friendly so you can easily keep an eye on all your festive deliveries in one place.

While you are at it, keep an eye on Santa and track his movements on Christmas eve! Santa on his sleigh delivering presents

Give us a call

You are our top priority this Christmas and we want you to have the best Christmas ever, so if you have any questions at all then get in touch! You can check our Christmas opening hours and contact us by email, live chat and of course by phone.

Be sure to share your cheesiest Christmas cracker joke with us if you do!

And Relax!

Christmas can be a stressful time of year, but if you let Interparcel take control of your Christmas packages it's one less thing to worry about. Treat yourself to a chocolate from the tin and put another festive flick on the tv!

Merry Christmas from Interparcel

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